Thank you for the amazing food you and your team delivered to Crosswinds on Saturday June 10th for my 50th Birthday Bash. Your team arrived on time and set it up nicely and, other than the serving utensils snafu, efficiently. The food was delicious and the presentation lovely. I’ve loved the food your restaurant creates since you opened and you all delivered again. Your restaurants catering is a remarkable mix of affordable, delicious and elegant. I received many compliments from my over 70 guests as well. Thank you.

-Sara P.

Love one thing on the menu, the Reel Alaskan Burrito. It so good I don’t mind that I don’t care for the other things. They have done a great job of creating a great combination of menu options that everyone can find something they like. Very unique place with great food and great service.
-Jeff P.

Stopped by for lunch here. I ordered the tofu crunch sushi burrito (vegan) with a side of kimchi slaw and a fountain drink. I generally enjoyed the sushi burrito. The tofu was (pan) fried, and it was well-seasoned and very tasty. The kimchi slaw was very mild in flavor and spiciness (perhaps could use a bit more kimchi). Indoor and outdoor seating available.
-Han S.

Delicious. Feels good just to try something different now and then. Crunchy veggies, fresh flavors, all in satisfying wraps with a bit of rice. Will come back soon.
-Jasper W.

Amazing sushi in the form of burritos. Great if you like sushi but want more than a typical sushi roll without spending a ton of money. My favorite roll is the Bull on the Beach. We were in the area for only a short while and ended up coming back here multiple times.

-Zach M.

The whole family can find something they love! Dietary restrictions: It is sometimes hard to find good vegan options, especially at fresh, fast food places! Thank you so much for having 2 options.

-Cathy K.

I randomly stumbled upon this place when I was working one day. I love sushi, and the fusion of burrito-style sushi seemed like a cool concept. I was greeted very warmly when I arrived; I assume it was the manager or owner. I asked what was his favorite and the most popular. I got the spicy tuna. It was the perfect serving size…not too big, not too small. Lots of fresh tuna, great texture of the tuna, rice, nori, and crunch from the tempura…and a good balance of fresh fish and spice. If I’m over that way again, I’ll definitely go back!

-Will D.

The food was spectacular and came with great service, so if you’re in a rush, order ahead because this place is worth it.

-Kevin B.

Food was amazing. We got the loaded chips as an appetizer, but honestly even after sharing it, we could have just made that our meal. We did end up taking half the salmon burrito home. I can see they do a busy take-out service. We ate in. The place was clean, and the staff was helpful. You order at the counter, and when your food is ready, they bring it to your table – very convenient.


Super tasty! I got the K-pop crunch and loved the flavors. Staff was also very helpful with my friend’s shellfish allergy. Can’t wait to visit again!

-Ashley M.

Got a couple sushi burritos here last weekend. The food was super fresh and tasty, and the people who work there were so friendly. Also, you can get a discount using your shop Durham card.

-Emily W.

Chose this place randomly while passing through Durham and was not disappointed. I ordered the Bull City Bulgogi with the seaweed salad. Good flavor and not overly seasoned or drenched in sauce. Nice portions for the price. Friendly staff and quick service. Perfect spot for a quick bite or hearty lunch.

-Deshonda L.

I’m addicted to this place. Their food is super fresh, delicious, more than enough food, and the indoor eating is back!!! They even have options for non-sushi eaters.

-Tobi B.

Food is always on point. Workers and owners are very friendly and accommodating. Never a bad experience, and I go often!

-Carolina Shore Fishing

We found Sushiōki® on Groupon originally, and after the Spicy Tuna Wonton Nachos, I am hooked for life! The employees are friendly as can be and treat you like a family member when you walk in the doors. Service is fast, and quality of food is excellent. I love these guys!!

-Lexi M.

My girlfriend and I tried it for the first time, and we were blown away by the burrito sushi concept. It definitely quenches our sushi craving. Not only do they have rolls, but they have bowls. We tried the 2 most popular Korean BBQ beef bulgogi and the spicy tuna, crunchy spice and savory. I had the Korean BBQ bulgogi; it was by far the best and only cooked sushi dish I’ve had. We’re hooked and excited to try some more. The staff was extremely welcoming, especially the girl at the register. Customer service was 10 out of 10, and so is the food. Healthy, fulfilling, & a restaurant that should definitely become a chain.

-Saab B.

Absolutely loved my experience at Sushiōki®! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm welcome, and the service was exceptional throughout the meal. The sushi was incredibly fresh and delicious, and the presentation was beautiful. The menu offered a great variety of options, from traditional sushi rolls to more unique combinations. I particularly enjoyed the salmon avocado roll and the spicy tuna roll. The prices were reasonable, and the portions were generous. The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and inviting, and the decor was modern and stylish. Overall, I highly recommend Sushiōki® to anyone looking for an amazing sushi dining experience.
-Goutham S.

I picked up from there for lunch! Loved it! The spicy tuna is so good and pairs perfectly with the avocado. The crab rangoon was the best I’ve ever had; its definitely an elevated version of the classic rangoon you’re used to. The girl at the front was awesome, super nice!
-Carleigh M.

I had a lovely dine-in experience with my family. Tried the popular spicy tuna burrito and the Philly steak egg roll on the side, as recommended by the cashier. Would come again for another light yet flavorful meal!
-Irene B.

Staff was friendly and professional, and although we stayed a bit after they had closed, they never acted annoyed or impatient. The sushi burritos were stellar.

-Mason E.

This place is amazing! Great staff and the food – omg it’s soo good! They give you different options if you aren’t feeling a burrito, and the crab rangoons are a must try!

-Jade V.

Sushiōki® is a great place for sushi in a very delicious, unique way. The ease of placing an order through their app is awesome! My favorites are the spicy tuna nachos and the oh my Gahshi roll!!! The service is exceptional as well, and every team member is friendly and courteous. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

-Harold S.

I’ve since moved out of state, but Sushiōki® is always on my mind. Like, I’m literally having a fit right now because I’ve been craving a beef bulgogi burrito for days now, and I can’t have it. The food is always excellent, and the customer service was always lovely. I wish I could’ve brought you all with me, but I hope other people find you and fall in love like I did.

-J R.

Where have these tuna nachos been my whole life?!! I ordered non-spicy, and there was no problem accommodating. The wontons are wonderful. Staff is super helpful and patient with those of us who are ordering-challenged, lol. The eat-in area is clean and comfortable, which I have only recently taken advantage of.

-Page T.

Went there for lunch. We got the tofu crunch. They were so good! They had a nice flavor and were not bland! The wrap itself was easy to eat. I also got the BBQ rice chips, which were also very tasty and flavorful. A perfect combination. I didn’t realize that you get a drink with the meal, which makes sense, but it was a perfect combo! I didn’t eat in the space, but it had a nice seating area with free peppermints!

-Jessica L.

Sushiōki® – wow, wow, and wow again! Such an amazing place with an amazing vibe and even better, amazing food! Olivia was the one who helped me, and before I could even order, I was in a full conversation with her. She was so kind, warm, and funny! She made my night! We finally got down to ordering and I told her that I wanted something crunchy and spicy, and she recommended the Crustacean Sensation, which was imitation crab, shrimp, rice, and a yummy spicy sauce. My total for this amazing burrito goodness was just $12! I waited a little bit for my wrap as it was busy. They had lots of to-go orders. I took in the atmosphere, which was so positive. They were playing Christian music, which was so uplifting and had me singing along. The restaurant is small but has a few tables and chairs. Now to my burrito–Omg! It was amazing! It has just the right amount of spice and crunch. Another thing I just could not put down, but I did, and it made amazing leftovers! I cannot wait to go back!

-Chandra J.

If you are visiting Durham, you have to visit them. Unique style, delicious food, and the staff members are the friendliest people in the Triangle.


Large servings, greatly priced, delicious food, and a helpful staff who was very friendly.

-Brittney W.

Food is awesome, and staff is so nice. Crustacean Sensation, Titan Tempur, and Spicy Tuna Wonton Nachos for the win in my book.

-Victor F.

One of my favorite spots for lunch in Durham. Friendly staff, clean environment, tons of options. It’s hard for me to order anything other than the RD Yoo burrito + 1 Korean Philly Cheesesteak egg roll, but everything I’ve had is amazing. Large portions. GO! IMMEDIATELY!

-Morgan S.

Great service and good food. I had the spicy tuna bowl, and it was really good!

-April H.

An amazing experience, great staff, and they truly take care of you! We’d never been, and the employee kept surprising us with other treats to try! A very welcoming environment.

-Shelby G.

Friendly, quick service. Food was amazing, I got the spicy tuna burrito and the crab rangoon. Sooo good. Also, the bathroom has tampons, wipes, and pads, which is always a positive. Would definitely come back for lunch.
-Brianna S.

The staff was so friendly and helpful! Spicy tuna nachos were super yummy, and my kids loved the kids’ meal with the cinnamon sugar rice chips.
-Michelle G.

Delicious sushi burritos made with fresh ingredients! Staff was very kind too. Beautiful restaurant – would return again!

-Laura R.

Bull City Bulgogi was AMAZING! Next up, definitely tuna; no, the gahshi or the Reel Alaskan. Edit: True test of good food: how is it next day and cold? The veggies were still crisp and the sesame chicken and aptly named TITAN shrimp made a great lunch after 20 hours in the fridge!

-Ray F.

I love this place. I only get to go when I visit my sister who lives in Durham. We usually go for lunch. I wish I had something similar in my hometown. The sushi bowls and burritos are delicious. It is nice you can see their prep section and making your meal, so you know it is fresh and clean. My favorite is the spicy tuna bowl over half brown rice and half lettuce. Definitely something to check out if you are in the mood for something unique.

-Sarah C.

Came here based on their photos, and the food lives up to what I imagined. Nice people, quick service, and fun amalgamations of cuisines. Wonton nachos is such a no-brainer. Just do it.

-Luke D.

So good. Love the bulgogi nachos and the crab rangoons. Always a friendly staff member to greet you, too.

-Heather I.

Always fast and delicious with a “sushi” burrito for anyone and any diet. Plenty of other non-burrito options as well. Employees are always super courteous and warm.

-Matthew M.

Came to Sushiōki®. The owner was at the register and extremely friendly. The atmosphere was very casual and warm. True to their word, these are burrito-sized sushi rolls, not burritos. I got the “Oh My Gahshi,” and it was amazing. The ingredients tasted fresh. I appreciated that the chicken was in larger chunks than a flatter, more traditional katsu style. Again, it was true to a sushi roll, so it has an open back, so be forewarned so you don’t spill on yourself. It’s not on the online menu from what I can tell, but there was an egg roll that was simply divine. Bulgogi in a cheesesteak style was just the decadent treat I was looking for on my trip. Highly recommended!

-Jonathan L.

Husband and I each ordered one; we loved one but the other had a very spicy, bitter sauce. However, I loved the Christian music playing; it was very relaxing. I would definitely come back again!

-V. D.

I usually make this a stop on my way back from hiking and Umstead Park on the weekend. It never disappoints.

-Jim N.

Great taste, wholesome and inexpensive… the trifecta of a great line of products IMHO. Keep up the good work folks! Good things come to those who create good eats! Keep up the outstanding work!

-Richard G.

A friend recommended this place. I met new friends, including Lawrence, the owner. Wow! It is definitely a unique place with a taste of culture. After a week or two, I came back on my own and met someone, introduced the place, and ate there. I’m confident that I made a great choice. I love the food. Cool people own this place, and those working here are very courteous. Highly recommended! Then, I also brought my wife and sons and ate there. They love it, too. I’ll definitely bring my daughter here for a daddy-daughter bonding!

-Dr. G.

Seriously the food was so delicious, and the owner was SO NICE. I am definitely coming here again. I recommend everyone to try this place at least once. You won’t regret it.

-Rachel S.

The spicy tuna wonton nachos are AMAZING! Like wow! Tempura shrimp is soo good. We can’t wait to work our way through the menu!

-Jen R.

HANDS DOWN the best sushi burrito I’ve ever had. Everyone is very friendly and helpful as well!

-Jeremy B.

Sushiōki® has the best sushi burritos I have ever had. They are so large and have high-quality ingredients, I would never be satisfied getting them from anywhere else ever again. Their seaweed salad is the best I’ve had at any restaurant and is deserving of being recognized as well. I’ve never been disappointed with anything from here. I would recommend ordering online via their website for pickup or delivery.

-Gregory T.